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Holiday Activities for St. Louis Residents

2020 has been an interesting year for all, but there are still exciting ways for owners of new homes in the St. Louis area to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. Let’s explore some of the season’s greatest options – all of which are tailored to ensure participants’ safety:

The STL Festival of Lights.

The Festival of Lights downtown is a must-see St. Louis tradition! Onlookers can come by every weekend through December 26 (including Christmas Eve), to witness the cheerful beauty in Kiener Plaza. This spectacle of lights includes a vibrant projector show!

Winter Wonderland.

For more jolly light displays, take a cruise through the Winter Wonderland! This event is another popular holiday ritual, put on by St. Louis Parks. Visitors can schedule to view the presentation via horse-drawn carriage, or from the comfort of their own vehicle.

Believe – The Polar Express.

Get the family out of the house for this unique winter experience! This Christmas-meets-train themed activity (based on The Polar Express film) occurs at the St. Louis Union Station. Spectators can look in awe at the splendidly-decorated trains, ride the ferris wheel, and intermingle with actors in traditional Christmas character. Warm and comfortable pajamas are encouraged to enhance the experience!

Gingerbread House Workshop.

Those who love crafts can take advantage of The Gingerbread House Workshops which are held on scheduled dates throughout the season at Eckert’s Country Store and Farm. Here you can bond with family or friends while creating a holiday-themed work of art, from scratch.  Your beautiful piece will also be edible and delicious, making it a great gift for a special sweet-toothed individual.

Holiday Toy Display.

For a festively-pleasant nostalgic feeling, those in the area must view the Holiday Toy Display. This takes place in a historic St. Louis home-turned-museum, the Field House Museum, and showcases many old-fashioned toys which are sure to make anyone smile.

Wild Lights.

Don’t let your animal friends at the St. Louis Zoo escape your celebratory fun! Take advantage of delectable snacks while enjoying our zoo’s brilliant, festive light display—rated best in the U.S.! This popular event will be taking place in the evenings throughout the season, and it’s recommended to buy your tickets in advance. Oh yes, and the wild inhabitants of Penguin and Puffin Coast will also be in attendance to give your family a warm welcome!

The warm and fuzzy feelings involved with this time of year are very special indeed, and should not be missed out on! This holiday season, St. Louis has no shortage of pleasing, yet safe, ideas that everyone in the family can admire.

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This post was written by Madison Nedrig

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ronald and Kimberly Burton

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ John and Lori Keiling

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