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Why Switching to LED Bulbs at Home is Important and Worthwhile

A top concern for many homeowners is how to save money on bills. One of the best ways to do this is to switch from outdated technology to energy efficient innovations such as LED light bulbs. These modern wonders have become widely popular because they help save money and give off far less heat than regular bulbs. Plus, LEDs last longer, burn brighter, are great for interior design ideas and can be used with smart technology.

Switching to LED Bulbs at Home Will Save Energy

Light Bulb Energy Savings

Most LED bulbs use anywhere from 30% to 90% less energy and result in a fraction of the cost of running incandescent bulbs. This reduced consumption shows up on your energy bill in the form of lower monthly charges. Over time, these savings can really add up, and meanwhile you are lessening your carbon footprint because these bulbs require far less wattage to operate. In addition, they can produce light with minimum voltage that requires just a minimal electrical current to produce light. 

Stay Safer With Less Heat

Since LEDs require minimal use of electrical current and watts, they also glow at a much lower temperature than traditional light bulbs. This is because they convert energy into light instead of turning heat into light, and what little heat is generated is offset by what is known as a “heat sink.” This helps create a safer environment, especially in a home with children. This feature also helps greatly reduce the risk of heat damage to furniture or the possibility of an accidental fire.

LED Bulbs Last Longer vs. Regular Light Bulbs

Another one of the benefits of LED lighting is that these bulbs last much longer than incandescent, halogen or fluorescent bulbs. For example, a 40 watt LED bulb can be expected to last up to 50,000 hours. That is anywhere from 10 to 25 times the duration of a traditional bulb. Depending on length of daily use (anywhere from 8 to 11 hours) an LED can last anywhere from 11 to 17 years. This is why Rolwes Company — the premier St. Louis home builder — recommends that you use LEDs in all your light fixtures.

Get Creative With Your Lights

The benefits of LED lighting can also be applied to interior design. These bulbs work well in just about every type of decorative fixture and can be used with dimmer switches, recessed downlights and accent fixtures which are designed to place emphasis on a specific feature, sculpture or piece of art. LEDs are also available in a variety of colors which can be used to compliment interior themes and color schemes while creating any type of mood or setting desired.

Keep Your Home Well Lit Inside and Outside

LEDs can be used to great effect in areas of the home where brightness is important. These can include driveways, walkways, outdoor recreational areas and interior spaces where small children may spend much of their time playing. These bulbs are especially useful when used in conjunction with security system cameras to monitor important exterior areas as well as places in the home where an older adult may need to be supervised for safety and wellbeing from another room or remotely. 

Incorporate Smart Home Features

Smart Home Smart Technology In Your Home

In-home smart technology is one of the latest trends in modern residential properties. As a new homeowner, you can connect and remotely operate all of your electronic amenities including door locks, security features, temperature controls and yes — interior and exterior lighting systems. LEDs are smart technology-friendly and can illuminate instantly when activated from an app on your smartphone or mobile device.    

LEDs are an important part of the new in-home technological revolution. Contact us to learn more about new residential properties designed to maximize the benefits of these modern, energy-efficient light bulbs. 

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