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Wintertime Construction of New Homes in St. Louis Offers Distinct Advantages

If you’re waiting until spring to build your dream house in the St. Louis area, consider that residential contractors do not “hibernate” during the colder months. In fact, a winter build can allow you to leverage a host of economical advantages that are part of seasonal market trends.  

Although breaking ground in the summer can seem like the best choice, the majority of other homebuyers are thinking the exact same thing. This can create a higher demand for labor, materials, permits and inspections, which in turn can affect the overall completion time of the project. Conversely, opting for a less sought-after schedule can allow you to position the law of supply and demand in your favor. 

Also, a well-timed winter build offers seasonal climate-based advantages along with the ability to set a spring or summer completion date. 

Hire the Best

Through spring and into the summer, the building surge is trending up for new home construction in St. Louis. As winter and cold weather approaches, and many summer projects wrap up, there can be an abundance of manpower waiting to take on the next job. Builders can assemble the best of the workforce so that each phase of your build moves along at a maximum pace. 

Enjoy Seasonal Savings

Building suppliers often feel the pressure of the winter season, as some homebuilders tend to slow down. This may create a supply overage in materials, finishing hardware and appliances. As the buyer of a home under construction, while planning for move-in, you can take advantage of winter seasonal specials on decorative items such as drapes and blinds, furniture as well as state-of-the-art laundry and kitchen appliances. 

Minimize the Wait

Another advantage of building during the winter is that the local government offices may be less crowded when it is time for your builder to apply for phase-specific permits and inspections. Fewer projects can allow the clerical and on-site city employees to process paperwork and approve completed work quicker so that the next phase of construction can commence. 

Work with Nature

The St. Louis climate experiences the most moisture during the summer months, so come winter the ground is at maximum saturation — creating the ideal conditions for pre-construction excavation. Digging for your home’s foundation and grading for water runoff is most effective during this time because it is easiest to see how ground water behaves in terms of runoff and settling spots. Further, beginning a build in the winter means that you can use the weather to your advantage to ensure that the foundation of your home is stable. While, it may in fact take longer for your foundation’s concrete to cure, it will guarantee a much stronger end product. 

Wintertime is a great choice for beginning your homebuilding project in St. Louis due to a host of seasonal advantages. Contact us to begin planning you build so that you can enjoy an entire first summer in you new residence.  

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This post was written by Jason Rhoads

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