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How to Create the Perfect Virtual Learning Space at Home

Many families engage in at-home learning as part of their typical routine. For that reason, they create a special place in the house designed for online education.

What is A Virtual Learning Space?

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Virtual learning spaces allow for classroom-style learning for children and teenagers. These classes cover the essentials of a K-12 curriculum and may also involve additional instruction on other school-related and extracurricular subjects. When creating this home-based classroom consider location, design, and comfort to create an inspiring, clutter-free space.

Pick a Great Spot for The Space

When assigning an area for home learning, you may want to pick a place in the home which allows you to supervise the kids while doing daily tasks. Or, you could choose an area isolated and away from routine activity. This choice depends on what grade level of learning your kids are at and your personal preferences. If you are considering new home builders in St. Louis, Rolwes Company offers a variety of dynamic floor plans with plenty of options that are perfect for at-home learning.

Arrange it Just Right

Your home classroom can make a difference in how the kids feel about the space. Aim to create an inviting area free of distractions. For example, placing desks towards one of the walls may eliminate distractions. Access to power outlets for computers and devices is necessary. And you may want to store earplugs or noise-canceling headphones in the room for easy access when there are multiple lessons underway.

Make the Space Pleasant

Two Chairs at a Table in a Home Office Virtual Learning Environment

Most can agree that traditional classroom desks are not always comfortable. However, you still want to create a place that is not too cozy. Choose roomy, padded chairs which require upright posture and a flat surface at the right height for a laptop and other learning necessities. Natural light allows for clarity and an engaging workspace. Among the home builders in the St. Louis area, Rolwes is well known for home designs with plenty of windows that let sunlight into the house at all times of the day.

Decorate to Motivate

Just as many classrooms have inspiring pictures and sayings on the walls, work to enhance your virtual learning space in this manner. Create a positive atmosphere without having too many items on the walls. Consider choosing a few images of a natural setting or posters and photos with simple yet stimulating quotes.

Clear Away the Clutter

One of the biggest obstacles to concentration is a busy environment. Dedicate your virtual learning space specifically for education to keep the area free of clutter. Keep the workspace free of toys, televisions, or stereo equipment and well organized.

Dedicated spaces for virtual home education are an emerging part of routine family life. Contact us to learn more about new homes we offer in the greater St. Louis, MO area.

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