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10 Ways First-Time Homebuyers Can Make the Most of New Home Construction in St. Louis

If you are planning to purchase a new residential property for the first time, you may be wondering about everything the process involves. There are numerous important steps for buyers, and taking each into consideration can help you create a memorable experience. 

Here are ten ways to make your first home purchase a successful event …

Pick Your Property

Your day-to-day requirements will determine the type of property you choose. Consider your family’s needs and how it may change in the coming years as you select from traditional single-family homes, larger houses with in-law suites, townhomes, duplexes and condos.   

Select Your Features

When buying a new construction home, it is important to ensure that it meets your needs and desires as closely as possible. Aspects of the property including kitchen appliances, bedroom layout and living room size should all factor into your decision. 

Love Your Location

Where your home is located in relation to daily essentials is another important factor. Consider nearby amenities such as shopping and recreation as well as practical features such as proximity to travel routes, schools and daycare facilities. 

Be Practical on Price

Affordability is an essential component for a new homebuyer, and purchase price is only part of the equation. It is also important to make sure you can meet the costs of HOA fees, property taxes, utilities and homeowner’s insurance.

Find a Great Fit

An ideal property is partially based on the surrounding neighborhood. Rolwes Company, a top builder in St. Louis, creates communities focused on the safety and comfort of residents, which promotes communication and goodwill between neighbors. 

Control Your Spending

Buying a home is possibly the biggest purchase you will make thus far. Keeping your finances streamlined to just one major transaction at a time is a smart way to keep your spending at a manageable level. Plan to engage in other sizable commitments such as cars and continuing education at a later time.   

Establish Good Credit

It is essential to take care of this step before you engage in the buying process. A solid credit score will make securing a mortgage from a bank much easier while increasing the likelihood that you will obtain a favorable interest rate.   

Select Based on Family Size

As you decide on your new home, think about your family’s size today and how it may change in the future. If you plan to have more children, if teens will be soon leaving for college or if a relative could be coming to live with you are all important considerations. 

Work with Reputable Movers 

Research potential movers for positive reviews before choosing which company to trust your valuables with. Also, check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) website for a favorable score on a mover you are considering before making the call. 

Buying a new home for the first time is an exciting milestone that can be maximized by taking a few precautionary steps ahead of time. Contact us to make your first-time home buying experience an exceptional one

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This post was written by Jason Rhoads

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