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How to Make Your New Home a Smart Home

New homeowners are finding ways to customize their new homes with smart technology. In a few easy steps, you can use the latest innovations and make your house an intelligent space that will save time and money while enhancing safety and security for everyone living there! The experts at St Louis area builders at Rolwes Company explain how you can make your new home a smart home. 

What is a Smart Home?

Person Using Table to Control Smart Home Features in New Home From Rolwes Company

A smart home is a house where every electronic device is connected to one central “hub,” which you can control with voice commands when you are at home or access with your smartphone from a remote location. This can be a wall-mounted unit, a voice-controlled assistant or a WiFi-connected application. Whichever way you like, you can control temperature, security, appliances, lighting and more. If you are looking for the best new home builders in the St. Louis region for smart homeowners, Rolwes Company has properties that can be automated to fit your lifestyle.

Use Smart Technology to Control Your Temperature at Home

The key to comfort in your new home is temperature control, and with a smart thermostat, you can regulate the daytime and nighttime temperatures based on your unique preferences. This device can be programmed to keep the house warm during the winter months and to not waste energy heating the house up when you are away. Whether you are about to arrive back home or you are waking up to a new day, you can set the temperature exactly how you like it. 

Control Your Homes Security

Person Clicking Home Button Smart Home House Technology Security

A smart alarm system to detect smoke and hazardous fumes can alert you of danger. Your smartphone app, connected to your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms, will send you alerts in real-time. Whether you are in the home or away, you can make sure the authorities are informed immediately. Also, home security can be enhanced through smart locks – operated from your smartphone app – that can be engaged as you leave or, in the instance that a family member loses their keys, can be unlocked remotely.

Smart doorbells are the new front line in home security. These devices are easy to install, economical and convenient – as you can see who is at your door whether you are across the room, across the street or out of town. A smart video system is easy to install and lets you see the front door, the backyard and every room inside the home from the convenience of your handheld device. Whether you are home or away, you can be connected to your cameras through your smartphone app. When you make your home a smart home you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being able to see your property from all angles. 

Smart Appliances Work Great in a New Home

Modern homes, especially those made by top St. Louis home builders like Rolwes, can be equipped with state-of-the-art appliances which can be controlled remotely – via a smartphone app, laptop connection or your desktop at work. You can preheat the oven as you arrive home, run the dryer for another cycle even though you are in the backyard or set the coffee maker to start brewing first thing in the morning. 

Control the Lighting in Your Home With the Press of a Button

Controlling Lights Via Smartphone in a New Home From Rolwes Company

A home equipped with LED smart bulbs or smart lighting fixtures, connected to your central hub or an app on your smartphone, can become the ideal setting for every occasion. You can brighten the room in the great room for a family gathering or dim the lights for an evening dinner. You can also turn up the outdoor lights as guests arrive and turn them off whenever you like. Plus, smart shades – programmed to let in the sunlight at precise times of the day – can help brighten the home while providing heat. This is an eco-friendly feature that can help cut down on energy bills during the winter months.

The latest in smart technology is helping make owning a home easier than ever, and the professionals at Rolwes Company have all of your needs covered. Reach out to us about our offering of new construction homes in the St. Louis region that are just ready to be customized by today’s tech-savvy buyers.

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