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Top Five Benefits of Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are one of the most popular trends in modern home designs. This type of layout is based on the concept that numerous different areas, built to share the same overall space, can significantly enhance the enjoyment of a residential property.

These shared areas are typically on the ground level and can include the foyer, dining room, great room, family room, breakfast nook and the all-important center of the home — the kitchen. This inclusive approach to interior space helps improve communication and the enjoyment of gatherings while maximizing the use of sunlight and square footage in a setting that smoothly connects with your adjacent outdoor spaces.

Be Seen and Heard

If you are looking for a new home builder in St. Louis, Rolwes Company is a highly-regarded firm that specializes in open floor plans. For example, the foyer in their Rockport model opens up into the great room, dining area and kitchen — which all occupy one large, overlapping space. This design allows residents who are not in bedrooms, bathrooms or the garage to be able to see and easily talk to each other.

Entertain with Ease

Rolwes Co. builds homes with open floor plans.

When it is time for seasonal celebrations and gatherings, the open-concept layout of the Canterbury model by Rolwes is ideal for maximizing the great room, kitchen and dining area — as they all connect with one another. The openness of the home lets you — the host — interact with guests in the seating areas while preparing refreshments. Meanwhile, the layout allows your family and friends to relax, mingle and socialize without feeling “herded” into small areas. 

Let In the Light

Open floor plans also allow natural light to flood the main, shared areas of the house from several different angles. For example, Rolwes’ Waverly model combines the dining area at the front of the home (just to the right of the foyer) with the great room on the opposite side of the building along with the kitchen connected at one end. The optional bay windows along with the kitchen window can allow you to flood the home with natural light from three different angles — which can warm and light up the house while saving energy

Maximize Your Space

Corner of Living Room St. Louis New Home Looking to Kitchen and Dining Room

Another one of the benefits of having an open floor plan is the smart, efficient use of square footage. For example, in the Rolwes’ Westbrook model, the foyer leads past the second and third bedrooms and the huge three-car garage into a spacious, open-concept layout which includes the kitchen, great room and dining area. Both gathering spaces overlap, and can be opened up even more with optional vaulted ceilings. This design is ideal because there are no walls between the different areas. This opens up more valuable square footage which can be utilized for daily activity rather than being taken up by unnecessary structures.

Connect to the Outdoors

An open floor plan also allows you to create a smooth, almost seamless connection between interior shared areas and outdoor patio spaces. The above-mentioned Rolwes Co. models include rear entryways with optional bay window portals and additional bay windows in the adjacent space which both gaze out onto the backyard property. The interior shared areas set the open-space theme which naturally harmonizes with the adjacent outdoor landscape — a layout which is perfect for busy households and families who love to entertain guests on occasions which involve indoor and outdoor activities. 

Interior spaces which overlap one another, are not hindered by walls and are part of a larger, open area are one of the most popular home designs of today. Contact us to learn more about open-concept homes which are ready for the maximum enjoyment of you and your family.

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