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Five Simple Ways to Prepare and Maintain Your Home This Summer

The warm months are the perfect time of year for opening your house and truly enjoying every aspect of your property. Summer afternoons and weekends are ideal for family gatherings, celebrations, and festivities which utilize just about all your indoor and outdoor space.

Before you start sending out invitations, you might consider spending a bit of time tidying things up. Here are a few quick tips, and for owners of new homes in St. Louis, these are smart seasonal routines that can add longevity and appeal to your property.

Summer Maintenance Tip 1: Give Everything a Deep Clean

Father and Son Cleaning Living Room for summer maintenance.

Once you open the curtains and let in the sunshine, you might notice a bit of winter/springtime residue that has gathered along the floorboards and in the corners. A good sweeping and mopping of all hard-surface floors and a thorough vacuuming can help you feel like you just moved in. After you have scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen surfaces and cleaned the windows, you’ll be ready to turn your attention to the outdoors.

Summer Maintenance Tip 2: Make Sure You Check Your Air Conditioning

The luxury of air conditioning is truly appreciated this time of year. To make sure you get the most out of your system, check to make sure the air vents are open in every room. Also, the air intake filter should be changed once a year. Additionally, you can give the outdoor A/C condenser unit a bit of assistance by clearing all debris, leaves, and branches that are within about two feet of the unit to ensure unobstructed air intake. If need be, also bring in a Denver HVAC repair company or someone similar from your area, to ensure that your air conditioning units are working properly.

Summer Maintenance Tip 3: Make Sure You Check Your Air Conditioning Take a Good Look Around Your Yard

Man Cutting Grass in Backyard With Electric Lawn Mower for summer maintenance.

Trimming overgrown tree branches can protect your roof. Additionally, clipping back the limbs on bushes that did not make it through the winter can tidy up the general appearance of your home. If you need some help with this, contact a tree trimmers tree service upland. These jobs can be overwhelming if you’re not a professional! Mowing the lawn and trimming of the grass edges will also give your outdoor acreage additional appeal. If this is your first summer in your new St. Louis home, the rain gutters may not need to be cleaned out just yet, but there may be leaves to clear away in the window wells and corners of the yard. If you have flower beds, picking out the weeds and adding a fresh layer of mulch can really make your front yard pop.

Summer Maintenance Tip 4: Make Sure You Check Your Air Conditioning Take Care of Your Grill and The Area Surrounding It

Outdoor gatherings tend to center around the grill, so if you keep one on your back deck or porch area, you might consider power washing the entire area — especially the space below the unit. Any residue from the previous get-togethers can be cleared away — making things nice and clean for pets and children. Also, you might want to have a look under the lid of the BBQ. A good scrubbing of the burners, grates and drip tray after running the heat on high for about ten minutes can quickly render clean results. Additionally, you may want to check if you have enough cooking wood that can last the season. If not, you may want to get some good quality cooking wood for occasional backyard meals. You may want to fill up your empty firewood rack with cooking wood from Cutting Edge Firewood and other such vendors that can provide your choice of wood at your doorstep.

Summer Maintenance Tip 5: Make Sure You Check Your Air Conditioning Keep a Lookout for Pests

When talking about those pesky mosquitoes and ticks, the key is to eliminate the insects’ preferred breeding grounds. Mosquitoes need standing water, so keep a good watch on any bird baths or empty gardening pots you may have around. Ticks thrive in tall grass, so make sure you mow the lawn regularly, especially in shady parts of the yard. If pests do make their way into your home then you will need to make sure that you follow the correct protocols in getting rid of them entirely so they do not come back and re-infest your home. Using companies such as Pest Control Experts can help you with getting them out of your space and keeping it clean and pest-free.

The onset of summer is a great time to tidy up your home before you invite guests over. Contact us to learn more about new properties designed to be cherished with family and friends.

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